this song of mine

There is a song.
this song I wrote, it has no time
it has no past
it comes from deep inside
but not my heart.
It feels as if it has a mind
yet it not thinks
it knows already,
its heard of you, its sees in me.No lyrics has it got
but still it screams
of things I never could have seen
of sounds impossible to hear
this is not music…
this is…rage!
its madness in a single note
there is no measure
there is no rhyme…
its been here since the end of time
I`ve had it in my eye you see
it looked me in the face about a thousand times
tried to brake free you ask?
never before…But now..with just a single tear…
one drop of blood…
its free.

And only now, when its no longer of my own
when its stopped feeding from my mind
it sings to me.
Its tale I know…for it is still my own
its tale yes.
Its rhythm no.

I hear it in my hands,
my knees, my thoughts…
its faster then my thoughts
its louder then my words
it conquers me…
I`ve lost my will.

Just listen to this part
its mute.


~ by Jack Rider on December 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “this song of mine”

  1. nu l-ai schimbat, in ciuda acelei discutii on grammar 😛
    fuck the rules anyway!

  2. haha! il stiu si eu pe asta

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